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What We Do



Alternative Proteins

We are using bioprocessing and fermentation approaches to develop novel functional ingredients from agrifood wastes, algae, plants and insects.

Cellular Agriculture

Cultivated meat production is emerging as a feasible solution to address immediate societal problems by developing new sustainable agri-food systems to feed a rapidly growing global population. This industry will provide nutritious and safe foods for consumer options while reducing environmental impact and resource usage (78-96% fewer greenhouse gas emissions, 99% less land use, and 82-96% less water use). In our lab we are working on (a) cell line development; (b) media optimization using AI; (c) novel growth factors; (d) media recirculation system.

Cell study

Food Safety Engineering

We are developing novel technologies including surrogates, nanobubbles, and rapid detection methods to enhance food safety in the food supply chain. 
We are also working on SARS-CoV-2 to address food safety concerns in food supply chain from farm to fork. 

Food Safety En

Aquafeed and Pet Food

We have been developing different aquafeed and pet food products from sustainable biomass sources including sorghum, soy, food industry waste, insects, algae, and cells.

Alternative feed and pet food
Image by Adrian Lange

Bioreactor and Microbial Community

Aquaculture is a rapidly growing food production system that heavily depends on the fish/bivalve-microbiota interactions. We have been developing a novel reactor system to grow k-selected community to control r-selected bacteria.

Funding Sources

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