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Want to be a part of Future Foods Lab? 

- We are always looking for talented and motivated graduate students to join our team! 

- We have several postdoctoral and research associate positions available in our lab. Please check our website and our social media to apply for these positions.


News and Resources


Dr. Duscher's talk at the 3rd Industrializing Cell-Based Meats & Seafood Digital Summit
Lexi Duscher
, postdoctoral research associate studying cellular agriculture at the Virginia Seafood Agricultural Research and Extension Center (VSAREC), was invited to give a talk about media optimization for cellular agriculture. (08/10/2021) 

New Grant was funded 

We just received another grant from Good Food Institute to develop serum-free media for cell differentiation in collaborating with Defined Bioscience. (08/15/2021)

New Grant was funded 

We received another grant from the NOAA-SK program to develop microbial communities to enhance oyster hatchery performance in the US in collaborating with Industry, and the Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences. (8/05/2021)

New Article Was Published

In collaborating with Professor Nitin at UC Davis, Dr. Ovissipour published a new article on Machine learning applications to enhance food safety. (08/01/2021) 

Alternative Proteins Virtual Hour

Dr. Ovissipour discussed Alternative Seafood in a live session hosted by Dr. Farzad. (04/14/2021) 

Amiti Banavar joined our lab in Fall 2021. She has a B.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering from Stoney Brook University. (08/10/2021)

New Student Joins Lab

Media Optimization-GFI Talk

Dr. Ovissipour provided a presentation about media optimization using AI and Machine Learning for SWIM program. (06/14/2021) 

Blockchain Pannel

Wyoming Blockchain Stampede 2020 | BizCon | Ag Panel | Barbara Rasco, Doug Miyamoto, Rhonda Brandt, Roger Coupal, Reza Ovissipour. (09/26/2020)

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